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KC_A Deafening Silence_Front Cover-FINAL

02.09 - The Wine Mill

Peninsula, OH

02.14 - Signatures of Solon

Solon, OH

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Latest EP, A DEAFENING SILENCE, available NOW!


New music and merchandise available in the new online store!

Additional new recording projects are in process, working at Spontaneously Combustible Studio and Sta-Level Studio

Kevin is curating two Spotify playlists: Caught in the Current - a rotating playlist of great new music by major and indie artists; and MEMBERS ONLY: AN 80'S PLAYLIST. Give them a follow on Spotify.

Blending influences ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Oasis to Porcupine Tree, Cleveland-area singer/songwriter Kevin Conaway combines intelligent lyrics, strong melodies, and infectious hooks to craft songs that are bound to be stuck in your head long after hearing them. As a solo performer, Kevin exudes passion on stage and creates a full, dynamic sound using a looper, various effects pedals, harmonicas, and any other toys he can get his hands or feet on.

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